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Services dedicated to commercial architects

Continuity of operations

We are aware that the final handover of a project involves supervision work on the part of the team present on construction sites. At R Technologies, we offer solutions tailored to your needs, solutions that allow you to continue your production in the field. Whether remotely or from the office, your resources can work with telecommunication, in synergy with your on-site team. This factor can be decisive during a project delivery.

Solid infrastructures

R Technologies helps you set up almost exclusive infrastructures for architects. Too many people working on plans or mock-ups simultaneously can significantly slow down a network. Avoid these unwanted slowdowns; make an appointment today to get an audit of your infrastructure.

Years of accumulated experience

R Technologies has helped several large architectural firms in Quebec to thrive in the competitive market. Thanks to this experience, we have perfected exclusive solutions for your needs. Whether it is for projects in the transportation, sports, education, trade, industry or even municipal sectors, R Technologies is your complete technology partner.

Information technologies: a critical factor

Information technologies are a factor that should not be neglected in the architecture field: they are directly related to the productivity of your company. Do business with experts who have accumulated years of experience in your field. We understand your needs and tight deadlines you face during the delivery period. Remove that weight from your shoulder and let R Technologies takes care of the rest.

Accounting offices

Protect your company

Do you constantly have sensitive data to process? Be confident with the implementation of a secure IT infrastructure that will protect the data of your customers and yours.

With structured maintenance, we monitor detected threats and treat them. In addition, the devices are maintained by constantly receiving the latest updates available and are equipped with protection software.

Do your accounting on the cloud

Thanks to R Technologies’ data center, you can now do your accounting anywhere in the world with access to the cloud. You only need internet access. Make your invoices on the road or on a construction site thanks to our solution adapted for the accounting and taxation offices.

In-person technical support

Where technical assistance cannot be provided remotely, an on-site expert visit is required. Our on-site support includes the presence of a qualified specialist who will come to your office to provide you with all the help you need, quickly and efficiently. A physical presence is beneficial for a network. This way you can have peace of mind, knowing that certified technicians are there to help you.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Reduce your IT costs

Partnering with R Technologies for IT outsourcing allows you to reduce IT operating costs. This allows the expert already on-site to focus on IT strategies, without compromising the delivery of services to the user or to other clients.

Enjoy quick assistance

The advantage of having a resource directly on site is to receive assistance much faster than if it was remote. Through outsourcing, our experts can come to your office during the days agreed upon during the service proposal. This way, users feel confident knowing that someone is physically present to help them.

Strategic IT plan

Our specialists support you in your long-term strategic decisions and offer you a three-year strategic plan to ensure that the decisions taken are aligned with your vision of the infrastructure. This plan is reviewed three times a year so as not to lose sight of short-term projects.

Other perspectives

We are open to working with any type of business

We will adapt our services to your needs and make sure to understand how your domain works. This way, we will be able to offer your systems the most efficient technologies and find out what is really important to you.

The skills we have gained through our experience in the above areas can help us better understand yours.


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