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Infrastructure management

Data backup management

An affordable and redundant data backup system can protect you from a downtime that could interrupt your business operations. R Technologies is a certified Altaro VM Backup partner for virtual environments.

We also have a full range of solutions for other types of infrastructure. Our experts are committed to organize and implement comprehensive backup system. R Technologies ensures that an appropriate backup policy is established with the customer; backups can also be sent externally to a third-party data center in the event of a disaster.

Periodic maintenance and 24/7 security management

R technologies uses the latest network monitoring tools to keep your infrastructure safe from hackers. With structured maintenance, we monitor detected threats and treat them. In addition, the devices are maintained by constantly receiving the latest available updates and are equipped with protection software.

Monitoring your network 24/7

We optimize your infrastructure by detecting and preventing problems before they occur. Our real-time monitoring and networks analysis are R technologies’ top priority. Business continuity depends on active and available servers.

Technical support

In-person technical support

Where technical assistance cannot be provided remotely, an on-site expert visit is required. Our on-site support includes the presence of a qualified specialist who will come to your office to provide you with all the help you need, quickly and efficiently. A physical presence is beneficial for a network. This way you can have peace of mind, knowing that certified technicians are there to help you.

24/7 emergency center

At R Technologies, IT support is available on business days. If you have an emergency, should it be a network outage or an urgent request, we can offer you assistance quickly. Indeed, outside our business hours, our customers have access to our emergency center at all times.

Remote support center

The majority of technical problems can be solved remotely. In addition to being an important time saver, it promotes proactivity in the resolution of users’ problems. The phone help desk is also available to our customers at any time from Monday to Friday, from 8:30am to 5pm.

IT outsourcing

Reduce your IT costs

Partnering with R Technologies for IT outsourcing allows you to reduce IT operating costs. This allows the expert already on-site to focus on IT strategies, without compromising the delivery of services to the user or to other clients.

Enjoy quick assistance

The advantage of having a resource directly on site is to receive assistance much faster than if it was remote. Through outsourcing, our experts can come to your office during the days agreed upon during the service proposal. This way, users feel confident knowing that someone is physically present to help them.

Strategic IT plan

Our specialists support you in your long-term strategic decisions and offer you a three-year strategic plan to ensure that the decisions taken are aligned with your vision of the infrastructure. This plan is reviewed three times a year so as not to lose sight of short-term projects.

IP phone

Receive your office calls anywhere, anytime

Thanks to IP phone technology, you can now receive your office calls anywhere; you just have to have access to an internet connection. Devices compatible with receiving and sending phone calls are Windows and Mac computers, as well as smartphones running Android or iOS operating systems.

Do not miss any more calls thanks to the mobility offered by R technologies !

Achieve substantial savings on your infrastructure

Your company will be able to combine its voice and data transport networks with ease: only one cable is needed to complete all operations.

This is a significant factor when setting up new premises! If your firm is already well established, the installation is even easier. The network cables used for your workstations can power your phone and your computer at the same time. Also note that this unique network is easier to manage.

Enjoy discounts on communication costs

IP phone service technology allows you to significantly reduce the cost of your communications, especially long distance of international charges. This is a considerable saving. Indeed, it can go up to 50$ on the price of your monthly bill! In addition, you can have a local or international number, wherever you are in the world.

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